Graeme Howard is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary. Predominantly using Adobe Photoshop for personal and professional projects, Graeme also has extensive practice with traditional mediums such as pencil and paint. This merging of classical techniques with modern tools allows him to create works with a unique identity. Graeme has recently been awarded 1st place in the “If These Walls Could Talk” elder abuse awareness art contest in Calgary, Alberta. His latest work seeks to explore the textures and details in individual brushstrokes, focusing on application and abstraction to create environments. Applying textures that mimic canvas, plants, rocks and many more materials, Graeme digitally manipulates and utilizes these assets in a way that is digital in nature, but still inherits organic substance. Digital painting allows Graeme to utilize a vast array of tools in Adobe Photoshop and combine them with traditional painting techniques; he aims to blend the old with the new. Finding inspiration from Syd Meads futuristic conceptual environments and Antony Micallefs heavy application of paint in his abstract portraiture, Graeme incorporates abstract painting methods to create aesthetically engaging scenes. With a focus on the application and appearance of the medium itself, Graeme's work defines itself through the visible process rather than the overall image.

This blog showcases some of my best pieces I have made, ranging from pencil drawings to digital paintings. I use Adobe Photoshop for all of my digital paintings.

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